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Bring Back F8 Boot Menu For Safe Mode In Windows 8

Found this on the Internet from Lifehacker


Windows 8 has a new bootloader designed for UEFI devices, and with it, they’ve removed the F8 shortcut for quickly booting into safe mode. Here’s a quick way to bring it back.

The new tiled bootloader is pretty, but it has its annoyances. For […]

The PC Is Not DEAD!

I see and hear all this “The PC is Dead”. Really?? For a business perspective NO. Lets see your secretary use an iPad for word processor. Every business I know will always use a desktop running Windows. With XP ending support in 2014 I can see the sell of PC’s going up for […]

Lost Hyperlink In Outlook

If you have uninstalled Chrome and then lost hyperlink in MS Outlook ( a common thing ) or some other reason you lost the ability to click on links in Outlook then the easiest way is to fix this is to use a MS Fix IT. Click this link and then select the […]