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Move WSUS on SBS 2008 and SBS 2011

Here are 2 articles that explain how to move the WSUS on SBS servers. The main issue to remember for both of them is when you run the SQL Server Management Studio is right-click on it and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. If you don’t you won’t be able to connect to the database.

SBS 2008 Article


Simply and Sage 50 Firewall Settings

When Setting up Simply Accounting or the newer Sage 50 software you will need to modify the firewall if you are running a multi user version. On the server or workstation where the data sits you will need to either disable the firewall or I recommend modify the firewall to allow the application […]

SBS POP3 Connector Gives Errors If C: Partition is less then 4 Gig

A few of my clients are running POP3 Connector on Windows SBS servers (2003,2008 and 2011). The issue is if the disk space gets below 4 Gig on the C drive it will not retrieve the email. This also happens if you use a 3rd party utility like POPcon.

If you can’t free up space […]

TV Thickness Over The Years

Well over the years I have 3 types of TV’s. CRT, LCD and LED. There is OLED but I can’t afford it. It looks nice but there is a current life to the TV compared to the others.

So I will start with my first large TV. Its a 32 inch Panasonic TV. At the […]