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Add F8 Safe Mode Option To Windows 10

One of the things that Microsoft did with Windows 10 (and Windows 8) was remove the option to switch to Safe Mode or Repair by pressing the F8 Key on boot. Why they did this was to improve boot time. I think it was a wrong move. Just to save a few seconds […]

Export From MS Exchange to PST

Working with an Exchange 2010 Server and you want to export mailboxes to PST files. First you have to make sure you are running MS Exchange 2010 with SP1 or greater. Once SP1 or greater is installed then you need to give the administrator (or whoever will be logged in and running the […]

Changed Phones Can’t Connect To Exchange

I recently changed my phone that I connect to my work MS Exchange 2010 Server. When I tried to setup the email account it configured fine but said it could not connect to server when I tried seeing my emails. Turns out there is a limit of 10 devices that can connect to […]