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The company ASUS is one of the greatest computer component I love. I ONLY use ASUS motherboards for my PCs and my low end servers. Why? Over the last 27+ years I have dealt with PCs and mostly the ones I have built are with ASUS Motherboards. They may be a bit more money (but not much for better MB) I believe I have had 4 faulty motherboards over 27 years (not including lightning strikes) 4 OVER 1000’s of motherboards!!. There are a 10+ year old motherboard no matter the manufacture it will likely fail BUT I find the ASUS MB hardly EVER FAIL. There has been times that I had to use other motherboards. ASrock. (the lower version of ASUS) seem to fail early. Gigabyte. The second MB manufacturer that I (at the time) thought were a second replacement. NOT!!!. There were a 2 month time I had a hard time getting an ASUS MB. So for my clients I got a Gigabit MB. Out of the 10 Gigabyte MBs I installed 5 DIED!! within 2 years!! Never would have done this with an ASUS motherboard.

Routers. I use D-link lower routers but most under $50 routers they fail within 3 years. The ASUS routers that I install Tomato Shibby Firmware last for years!. I usually get the ASUS video cards over other manufacturer.

For my preference is ASUS for MB.  ASUS for mid routers. ASUS for laptops better than Acer.

For home phones, TVs, etc I find Panasonic as a great product.

For the pronunciation of ASUS I ALWAYS say ” A SUS” Why? Well the creator named ASUS after Pegasus. How do pronounce the last part of pegasus. NOT A SOOS!!

That is my two cents. How does anyone else feel about ASUS!!

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