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Printing PDFs Creates Streaks

Seems there is an issue with Adobe Reader DC and the new Windows 10 Anniversary. Some people are complaining that some PDFs when printing causes streaks where the lettering is.

Read this Forum. Seems Adobe has still not fixed the issue after 2 months!

2 Solutions so far is […]

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Windows 8 Review So Far

Well I have installed Windows 8 Release Preview and have lately installed the full Windows 8 (Tech Net). And the following I have found:

Windows 8 looks like 2 in 1. It has the original Desktop without the Start menu (Download Classic Shell to get it back). and the new (METRO) […]

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Windows 7 SP1 Review

Well SP1 is out and for most Windows 7 users it will not really do a lot for you. Most of the updates is the normal updates since 7 has been out. One of the fixes that it does actually did worked for me is the HDMI sound issue. My PC attached to […]

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Change my HD and Windows 7 Made My Laptop Fast

My Acer 5720 Laptop is a decent laptop (well a few years ago but still is not bad). Its Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz, 250 Gig Sata, 3 Gig RAM. It came with XP. When I got it, it was fast. As the year or so have gone it has gotten really slow […]

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Simply Or Sage 50 Accounting User Locked Out

A client using Simply 2010 in multi user mode has someone logged in under multi mode and the hydro goes out (on the workstation only). The user tries to log back in after restart and says it won’t allow into Simply because that user is already logged in.

I tried just […]

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