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Logmein and Ubuntu Problem Fix

When I tried and login to logmein.com from Ubuntu I get an error that can’t load page. It works fine in XP on the same network. If I was running IE or Firefox in VirtualBox it still would not work for me. It seems to be caused by the MTU value under Ubuntu.

I found […]

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VirtualBox vs VMware Server under Ubuntu

I really like VMware. I have used VMware workstation under XP for along time and recommend anyone who wants to use virtual OS to use VMware. I have tried Windows PC Virtual software and VMware blows away Microsoft.

When I have started playing around Ubuntu I figured the VMware Server (which is […]

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XP to UBUNTU back to XP

I have been a fan of Windows. I have used every OS they have made since Windows 3.1. Windows 2000 and XP are probable their best OS they have made. Built on the NT architecture. Compatible with everything now. XP is best for gaming. Usually stable. Sure you can get blue screens of death […]

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