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Change Bell Modem/Router Into Just Modem (Bridge-Mode)

Found this on the Internet. You could reflash firmware but I decided to manually change. Here are the instructions: 1. Connect White 2Wire Modem/Wireless Router to phone line, make sure DSL light is on.

2. Connect computer to any LAN port of 2Wire Modem/Wireless Router.

3. Use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any […]

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Error Print Spooler Full When Printing After Windows Upgrade To Windows 8.1

Everything was fine printing in Windows 8. Did the Windows 8.1 upgrade and could not print to anything. Even a PDF creator. Would give error print spooler full.

The cause is my HP all-in-one Photosmart c309g printer. If you get the error I suspect its a HP driver issue.

Solution was to remove all […]

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Goodbye SBS

I have been a great fan and provider of MS SBS. From the way back machine of SBS 4 NT to SBS 2011. I started off with Novell 3.X and went to Novell 5.X The problem with Novell was not their servers. They could run forever (till a major problem HD/MB etc) It […]

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Apple’s Openness

When I saw this first statement from Steve Jobs reasons on why he does not implement Flash on Ipod/Ipad I almost fell off my chair!:


Jobs said that Adobe products are 100 percent proprietary because they are only available from Adobe. “By almost any definition, Flash is a […]

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Windows VS Apple

When I read a review comparing Windows vs OS X I just think of many differences. One of the biggest differences is that Apple is a Hardware company and Microsoft is a Software company. This is has been the way for a long time. Since the beginning of major personal computing. When I […]

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