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HP LaserJet 401 Printing Issues With Windows 10

Client upgraded PCs to new with Windows 10. Issue is the ones with an HP LaserJet 401 printers the driver installed fine and it would print fine. After shutdown and with printer down and then start it up again it would not print. It would also load the built in USB driver disk from the Printer. (The cause of the problem). To fix this go into Device Manager (Right Click This PC. Select properties then Device Manager).  Under DVD/CD-ROM drives you will see HP Smart Install USB Device. Right click and select update driver. Specify to search automatically. It will then download the update from MS (which basically disables it) and then restart the PC. You should be able to print again.

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Sending Outlook Email Body Of Message Is Blank

Have a client running Office 365 with Outlook 2016 and when sending an email the body of the email is blank when the recipient gets the email.

Searched online and the following post fixed my problem.

Basically the fix is below:

Open regedit

Locate the key – Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\{version number}\Outlook\Preferences

create a DWORD (32bit) called DisableTNEF

enter a value of 1

Exit regedit and send a test email and your problems will be resolved!


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I Use Dropbox And Why

I have tried most cloud data service. Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive are the 3 major ones. I am sure there are many others that I have tried and not tried but I like to use something that is popular and compatible. Dropbox is one of the oldest and one of the most compatible ones. At the start Dropbox is supported on almost everything. When Dropbox got hacked I was worried so I tried the others. Google and OneDrive are a very popular because of the eco system. If you are MS person (like I am) and you want to use say online Office then this would be the right choice. Much like if you are into Google apps and want to access data then Google Drive would be the right choice. Again I use Gmail and it can be handy. The major issue of why I use Dropbox for a majority of my data that I need to access between my PC and my phone is password protection!! I have commented to MS on when password protected files like .xls files to access from OneDrive. Hello you created Excel and OneDrive but you don’t support password files in OneDrive from the phone???? I just checked and they seem to support password files but the speed to open a file from my phone was extremely slow!! So I tried Google Drive on the same issue. The opening files seems very fast BUT they can’t open password protected files on the phone!!

This is where 3rd party apps are better than the big guys. Really drives me crazy. I am a MS guy. Why? Well 98% of my clients use MS and need to use MS to be able to run the MS apps. If you run Autocad, Sage 50, PCLaw, Accpac you need a Windows PC.

What do you use for cloud data service and why?

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Why Outlook Is The Best Email App

I have dealt with many email applications over 25+ years. I use Gmail for personal email from the days when you had to get invite for it. I love Gmail for a lot of thing. Before that it was Eudora!! Best personal email ever before online email. I have used Outlook Express , etc. BUT for business it has been Outlook. I have used Outlook since its beginning of Outlook 97. I even have used MS sharing email before Exchange. Outlook is the email of choice for all my clients and for most of the business world. The email,calendar ,contacts is the heart of the app. Me and some of my clients live with the share of contacts. There is something with Outlook that has nothing with other similar apps.



Go Outlook!!

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The company ASUS is one of the greatest computer component I love. I ONLY use ASUS motherboards for my PCs and my low end servers. Why? Over the last 27+ years I have dealt with PCs and mostly the ones I have built are with ASUS Motherboards. They may be a bit more money (but not much for better MB) I believe I have had 4 faulty motherboards over 27 years (not including lightning strikes) 4 OVER 1000’s of motherboards!!. There are a 10+ year old motherboard no matter the manufacture it will likely fail BUT I find the ASUS MB hardly EVER FAIL. There has been times that I had to use other motherboards. ASrock. (the lower version of ASUS) seem to fail early. Gigabyte. The second MB manufacturer that I (at the time) thought were a second replacement. NOT!!!. There were a 2 month time I had a hard time getting an ASUS MB. So for my clients I got a Gigabit MB. Out of the 10 Gigabyte MBs I installed 5 DIED!! within 2 years!! Never would have done this with an ASUS motherboard.

Routers. I use D-link lower routers but most under $50 routers they fail within 3 years. The ASUS routers that I install Tomato Shibby Firmware last for years!. I usually get the ASUS video cards over other manufacturer.

For my preference is ASUS for MB.  ASUS for mid routers. ASUS for laptops better than Acer.

For home phones, TVs, etc I find Panasonic as a great product.

For the pronunciation of ASUS I ALWAYS say ” A SUS” Why? Well the creator named ASUS after Pegasus. How do pronounce the last part of pegasus. NOT A SOOS!!

That is my two cents. How does anyone else feel about ASUS!!

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Cloning Backup Solutions

I have been using cloning software for a long time. There are 3 cloning software I use on a regular basis.

The first one is one of the oldest cloning software. Ghost. It is lately developed from Symantec. I am not sure if its up to date or still supported.  I list it as the first one I have used AND its the one that if the others don’t work I will use. It will allow to copy a failing drive to a new drive. There is no guaranty that the new drive will boot but it should copy the drive. It all depends on how bad the failing drive is.

If I need to just copy to a new drive for a quick backup or going to a larger drive (as long as the drive is not failing) I use Acronis True Image.

It does a decent job of cloning as long as the source drive is not that much damage. I use a boot CD or USB drive to do the copy.

The third option depends on the client. I like Casper. Its a software that will clone the drive while running the OS. I have used this on a number of clients that have Windows Servers that use this as one of the backup options to clone the drive in case a catastrophe happens and I need to boot from a good clone drive. I also normally have a Windows Server Backup (Built in to the OS) just in case I have to restore to a different supported hardware.

I also use Casper as an option to clone several PCs in a new upgrade installations with the same hardware. Really easy to use and implement.

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Liking Windows 10 When Changing Hardware

 I have an old Acer AMD small desktop for 7 years. It has worked great for what I need. I basically have it attached to my main TV upstairs to allow me to run Kodi, Netflix etc. I changed the HD a while back from the standard SATA HD with an older 120GB SSD because I don’t need  the space. Just the speed. Everything was working fine till lately that it was freezing restarting etc. Tried a few things to change but basically feel its the motherboard that was causing the issue. So I got a used i3 desktop. Moved the HD and the Wifi PCIe Wifi adapter. It booted, restarted a few times picking up new hardware and there I was I did not have to install hardware drivers. The motherboard, CPU, chipset, video card are all different and it booted fine and installed all the drivers. They were standard devices so Windows found the drivers fine. If I had a special video card or sound card I likely would have to reinstall the drivers but since the hardware was not something largely normal it worked fine. If I tried to do this with Windows XP I likely would have had to do a repair. Something that I wish was available with Windows 7. Windows 7 might have refused to boot and would have done a new install.

Even after all this I even did not have to activate the Windows. Something that I have done before and I had to reactivate. If I had to do this I was not worried. The PC came with a Windows 7 Key so I could have used this if needed.



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Administrator On Server Gets Error When Trying To Personalize Desktop Icons

I have seen this on many of my servers when I am a Domain Administrator on a 2012 or 2016 server and try and configure to add Computer icon on desktop under personalize (and other things) I get the following error:


Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.”

Found the solution here.

Basically run gpedit.msc

Then go to Computer Configuration—> Windows Settings—> Security Settings —> Local Policies—> Security Options, then enable “User Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator account”, after all restart Windows to take effect. Figure as below:

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Delete Old Windows Backups

When using Windows Backup on servers it seems that the backup drive can get full. MS is suppose to automatically clean up backups but I find it does not.

For my example I have a backup drive on G: drive. To clean up old backups off this drive you open a command prompt with Administrator privileges then type the following:


Then type one of the following.

To delete just the oldest backup type:

delete shadows oldest G:

To delete all the shadow backups from G:

delete shadows volume G:


Info from the following sites



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Outlook Can’t Open Attachments

Have seen this on a couple computers. Usually people running Outlook 2010. After a Windows/Office update they can’t open attachments. In Outlook it will specify something like attachment is unsafe. One of them was .docx. Microsoft does not want you to open their own file format for Word in Outlook!! I understand why they are providing better security but if you can’t open attachments in Outlook that you normally would it gives major problems.

The culprit is an Outlook Security update (KB3203467) for Outlook 2010 or (KB3191932) for Outlook 2016. This update came from June 13th 2017.

Caused by KB3191898 Outlook 2007
KB3203467 Outlook 2010
KB3191938 Outlook 2013
KB3191932 Outlook 2016.

Here is a site that describes others having this issue. Likely will be fixed in next round of updates I hope.

To fix the problem is to uninstall the update from Control Panel-Program and Features-Show updates and search for it. Once uninstalled you will need to hide this update so that it will not come back. For Windows 10 you will need a utility to hide the update.


Here is an article from Windows Secrets that also talks about the issue and currently no fix.

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