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Kodi Vs Plex

I have been a great Kodi fan. XBMC when it started. Love the addons and etc. Could download a cool Video Addon that could get me some great content but over the years it has been getting worse. I have used both Kodi and Plex on my old Multi Media PC. The PC where I download TV and Movie content and can play anywhere. For external access used Air Video HD from phones etc to access my media. I bought a small Synology 2 Disk NAS and started it as my Multi Media NAS with Plex. I have now switch fully FROM Kodi to Plex. Have now 2 Roku TV’s that have Plex addon and have never looked back. I am so impressed I bought a Synology 1520+ NAS with 2 8GB NAS harddrives and can and likely will in the future to add more larger hard drives. Synology NAS makes the ultimate multimedia players with Plex. Can play it anywhere. Even on my iPhone that Kodi could never do without jailbrake.

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