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Simply 2012 Data

There are three sets of data to download:

Phil’s Fix-it (Starter files for the chapters)

Mini Putt Putt (Assignments)

Fruit Loops (Assignments)

If the download speed is slow try this alternative location:

Phil’s Fixit

Mini Putt Putt

Fruit Loops


For each set of data files:
1. Click on the data file above.
2. When you are asked if you wish to run or save the file, save the file.
3. Make sure you note the location where you have saved it.
4. When the download is complete, locate the file and double click on it.
5. It will then ask to extract to a folder.
6. Accept the default folders which are:
OR: Change to a different location. e.g. a flash drive (A 4GB flash drive or larger is needed)

7. You will need 1 GB of hard disc space available for the data + 3GB of extra free space to work with.

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