SBS 2003 Connect To The Internet Wizard Fails At Firewall Configuration

Today I was working on a problem where an SBS 2003 server was having issues re-running the Connect To The Internet Wizard whereby the Wizard started happily to re-configure the server but then failed at the Firewall configuration.  The server also had ISA Server 2004 installed.

The reason for re-running the wizard was because emails were not flowing properly out of the server and re-running the Internet Connection Wizard was a good place to start troubleshooting.  Because the Wizard was failing, it was a strong possibility that the Firewall / ISA server was causing the issue.

Having examined the ICWLOG.TXT file to see what might be causing the issue (from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Support) it showed the following errors:

Error 0×80070003 returned from call to Configuring IIS to listen only on the LAN().
Error 0×80070003 returned from call to CStingrayCommit::DoGeneralConfiguration().
Error 0×80070003 returned from call to Doing general configuration().
Error 0×80070003 returned from call to CStingrayCommit::CommitEx().

Doing some digging on the webs for an answer, I checked a few sites but drew a blank, then I found the following site ( and it pointed me to check the registry for the following key:

the ‘companywebpath’ key showed this value:


Opening up IIS Manager, I then checked the IIS Website Identifier Value for the CompanyWeb site (see example image below) :
and saw that it was showing a different value, in this case it was showing ’448260875′.

Going back to the Registry key, I then changed the ‘companywebpath’ value to 448260875 to mirror the IIS Website Identifier and then closed Regedit.

Upon re-running the Connect To The Internet Wizard again, it completed happily and normal outbound mail-flow resumed.

I am sure that this isn’t the only reason for the wizard failing at the firewall stage, but it is one thing to rule out that isn’t exactly obvious.

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  1. Vipre Enterprise could also cause the issue and it uses ports that sbs uses. Stop the Vipre service and the firewall portion of the wizard will now work.

    Then change Vipre’s default port(s).

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