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Upgrading Ubuntu 7.10 to 8.04 Experience

Well I upgraded my Ubuntu from 7.10 to 8.04 by doing the ALT-F2. Then typing update-manager -d. It took about an hour for the download and doing all the prompts. Search for upgrade Ubuntu and you will see the proper instructions. Basically when it asks just after the download I had to press the terminal view and answer yes on the first question. The following questions I did the default and said keep the config files. After the upgrade it booted fine. Then there were a few things that needed to be done. The Virtualbox I had to uninstall and then reinstall for it to work. The uninstall command I ran from Terminal was the following:


sudo dpkg -r virtualbox


After this I then ran the install from the terminal using the following instructions. After the install I then had to kill any saved incidences and then the Virtuabox worked fine.

The next problem I had (which seems common) is to adjust the hosts file for the upgrade and Synaptic Package Manager to work. Going to the System-Administation-Network. Unlock and then select the Hosts tab. Then modify the and take off any extentions and just leave the alias.

After this the Ubuntu seems stable. The new Compiz 0.7.4 allows the other new effects like the 3D Windows to work. I could not find any way to install the newer Compiz under Gutsy. Will see if there is any other quirks I find and will post when I do.

Ubuntu Rules!

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