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Create A New Self-Signed Certificate For Exchange 2010

I still have a few clients that are using self-signed certificates. Most of my clients I have purchased certificates especially if they are connecting externally with their phone. So I needed to create a new self-signed certificate for a client that recently expired. I Googled it and found many sites with different ways of doing […]

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Why Outlook Is The Best Email App

I have dealt with many email applications over 25+ years. I use Gmail for personal email from the days when you had to get invite for it. I love Gmail for a lot of thing. Before that it was Eudora!! Best personal email ever before online email. I have used Outlook Express , […]

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Error 500 on Exchange 2010 OWA access Option Autoreply

Found the solution on the following site. The part that worked for me was in the end where you change the .net from version 4 to 2.

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Exchange 2010 IIS Sites Missing No Default Web Site

One client installed Office Web Apps on Exchange 2010 server. After this the Exchange became broken. Can’t use EMC or Shell, can’t connect to Exchange through Outlook or OWA.

When I connected I found a few Exchange services were not started. Started them but still no go. Checked the IIS and found that the Default […]

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POP3 Not Working Connecting To Exchange 2010

Migrated a client to a new Exchange 2010. One of the clients still using POP3. I enable the MS Exchange POP3 service. Made sure all settings are OK in client configuration but still would not work. I have it set to plain text (I know security risk) but when I telnet to the […]

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Export From MS Exchange to PST

Working with an Exchange 2010 Server and you want to export mailboxes to PST files. First you have to make sure you are running MS Exchange 2010 with SP1 or greater. Once SP1 or greater is installed then you need to give the administrator (or whoever will be logged in and running the […]

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Changed Phones Can’t Connect To Exchange

I recently changed my phone that I connect to my work MS Exchange 2010 Server. When I tried to setup the email account it configured fine but said it could not connect to server when I tried seeing my emails. Turns out there is a limit of 10 devices that can connect to […]

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Export Cached Email Address From Exchange

Have a client that has MS Exchange with Outlook 2010 on the clients. They are migrating to a new 2012 R2 server with no Exchange. Its a small client that does not need the Exchange and want to save money. I am just exporting all email/contacts etc from Exchange into a .PST file […]

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iPhone or Android Phone Can’t Connect to Exchange

Have a client that just got a new Android phone and I could not connect to Exchange Active Sync. I found this article online that helped me.

Cannot sync iPhone with Exchange ActiveSync

Description When trying to connect iPhone to Exchange 2010 (or 2007) with ActiveSync the following error message is […]

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