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Outlook 2013 Hangs Loading Profile

Have a client that is running Office 2013 on Windows 7 Laptop. Outlook was working fine. Then one day when she tried to open Outlook it would hang on Loading Profile. I can start the Outlook in safe mode (Outlook.exe /safe). So I disabled all add-ons and tried it again and it still would not start. Sometimes it would after a few minutes but most of the time would not. Searched online and found sometimes the Aero Theme in Windows 7 can cause the issue (Don’t know why it works fine for me on my PC) and you have to disable the acceleration graphics. You can try and disable in safe mode but it does not stay. The only solution was to edit the registry and add a key to disable the acceleration graphics.

Here is the info:

DWORD: DisableHardwareAcceleration
Value: 1 to disable

In my case I had to add the Graphics key and then add the DWORD with the value of 1. After this it started fine in normal mode.

I got this info from Slipstick Systems. Thanks Slipstick.

I also created a BATCH FILE that does the same thing.


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