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Spam. Everyone gets it. If you have an email address you have all gotten spam. Maybe you have some really obscure address or you started with a spam filter from the beginning of email but that would be the minimal. We all get it. I try to encourage all my business clients to […]

Latest ESET File Security For MS Server Causes Windows Backup To Fail

Client running Windows Server 2016 running Windows Server Backup and Eset File Security For Microsoft Servers. Everything was fine till I updated the ESET File Security to version 7.1.12006.0. Then I started getting backup error exclusive lock on the EFI system partition when it tried to do the VSS. If I disable the ESET it […]

Can’t Print PDF To Network Printer

Have a client that recently changed their network printer. One of the clients could not print PDF’s. Could print everything else. Turned out that the machine just recently upgraded AVG from free version to AVG Internet Security version (trial) with firewall. Downgraded AVG back to free and solved issue.

Here is […]

Remove Essential Cleaner

Got a couple of computers infected with a fake antivirus called Essential Cleaner. One was on an XP PC, the other Windows 7 64-Bit. My normal malware removers could not detect it so I searched it on the Internet and found this article.

Basically it describe how to remove in manually. […]

Repair Windows Updates After Removing Fake Anti-Virus in XP

After removing a fake Anti-virus the XP PC would not do any Window’s Updates. Found this on the web:

Open C:\Windows

Show hidden files and folders

Open C:\Windows\inf

Right click au and select install (extension hidden by default, should be only file named au)

After install complete may ask for restart, if not restart anyway


How Did My PC Get Malware Infection?

I get this question all the time. Most of the PC’s that I see have peer to peer software installed. This is not the only way you can get infected. CRN just did an article that describes Facebook is infected.

Here is a great article from BleepingComputer.com that describes the many […]

Task Manager Greyed Out

Have a client that has this in their 2003 server. Caused by spyware. Ran Malwarebytes to remove the spyware. Also found this on the Internet. If you can get into the registry its a change.

Fix Greyed Out Task Manager

Antivirus Comparison

Everyone asks me whats the best antivirus program out there. Well the answer is there is not one program that can remove all the virus’s out there. There are Virus’s, Spyware and Malware. Today its hard to distinguish whats what. If it deletes files then its a Virus. If it pops up saying […]

Best Anti-Spyware Remover

I deal with spyware on a daily business. There is hardly a PC that I see that does not have spyware installed on their PC. Some are small easy ones to remove but lately I have seen a lot of fake antivirus programs that have infected the […]

Conficker Removal

If you have been living under a rock for the last month then you don’t know what Conficker is. Its a virus that will activate April 1 (No its not an April Fools Joke). There are at least 3 forms of it and there could be more undetectable ones. You might want to […]