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Finding QuickBooks license info from a non bootable PC

Have a client who did not have the license info when installing QuickBooks on a new PC. The original PC is not bootable. I found this online.

Basically you need to find the QBRegistration.dat file and open it in Notepad. Inside is the Installation ID and License number and client ID


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Shadow Copy and Windows 11

I have used Shadow Copy on all Windows servers and Windows 10 and everything works great. Windows 10 you have to manually setup but it works. Do the same setup for Windows 11 and it creates the shadow copy BUT they don’t show up under previous version in Windows Explorer. You have to use […]

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Windows 11 Netplwiz missing required password option fix

Change DevicePasswordLessBuildVersion under registry entry:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\PasswordLess\Device

from 2 to 1 Then go into NETPLWIZ Now can change Uses must enter a user name and password to use this computer

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Business Vision Won’t Allow Login From Workstation

If you have BusinessVision on a server and you can’t login from a workstation then check the Firewall settings on the server. Make sure if the network is configured with Domain/Private/Public that the Database Service Manager allows through Firewall with appropriate Network.

Sometimes rebooting the server may change the network from Domain to Private.


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VoIP Calls disconnect after 15 Minutes with SonicWall

Found this on the Internet.

Basically from the comments I did the following:

I have found that SonicWalls NSA units have SPI and DPI causing major problems with VoIP. Under Firewall Settings, go to settings and choose Maximium SPI Connections (DPI services disabled). Also there is additional internal settings you can enable/disable by “\diag.html” […]

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Outlook O365 Gives Windows Security box

Client with O365 the Outlook started to prompt a Windows Security box asking for login and password. Entering the password fails and it would not work. Found this on the Internet.

Basically do the following:

Please go to this location in registry editor HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity

Delete EnableADALREG and EnableADAL keys

Restart the […]

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Fingerprint Reader Unavailable with Domain User

Just got a new Laptop with Fingerprint Reader to login. Works fine with a local account but when trying to setup with a Domain login it says its unavailable.

Found this on the Internet. Just need to add a DWORD to Registry.

Under Registry:


Add a DWORD:

AllowDomainPINLogon with a value of 1


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Remotely Enable Remote Desktop

I have a client that I needed to restart the server but there was one person who left their PC on with open files. I thought I had in the group policy to enable the RDP on all the workstations but I guess I did not. So I needed to remotely enable RDP. I found […]

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AMD vs Intel

So as a computer builder and mainly been an Intel guy for 20+ years and my suppliers can’t provide Intel CPU’s (lack of stock because of 10nm problems) I had to start getting AMD CPU’s and boards. I know the AMD Cpu’s have gotten better over the years. I like that their […]

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Windows 10 1703 Creator Update

So I have tried the latest Windows 10 Creator. Actually started the update before April 11 launch. Easily done by downloading the ISO from Microsoft.

Lately this is the only way I have started the updates. I download the ISO. Extract to a folder on my C: drive . Then […]

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