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Business Vision Won’t Allow Login From Workstation

If you have BusinessVision on a server and you can’t login from a workstation then check the Firewall settings on the server. Make sure if the network is configured with Domain/Private/Public that the Database Service Manager allows through Firewall with appropriate Network.

Sometimes rebooting the server may change the network from Domain to Private.

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VoIP Calls disconnect after 15 Minutes with SonicWall

Found this on the Internet.

Basically from the comments I did the following:

I have found that SonicWalls NSA units have SPI and DPI causing major problems with VoIP.  Under Firewall Settings, go to settings and choose Maximium SPI Connections (DPI services disabled).  Also there is additional internal settings you can enable/disable by “\diag.html” ( .  Also under the Firewall Settings option, I would recommend increasing the Default UDP Connection Timeout to: 3600 seconds.

I also did the following:

Also, under “VoIP” settings, enable “Consistant NAT”.

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Outlook O365 Gives Windows Security box

Client with O365 the Outlook started to prompt a Windows Security box asking for login and password. Entering the password fails and it would not work. Found this on the Internet.

Basically do the following:

  • Please go to this location in registry editor HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity

  • Delete EnableADALREG and EnableADAL keys

  • Restart the computer and then check the behavior of Outlook

  • If issue still persists, then go to the same location in registry editor HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity

  • Create a DWORD key EnableADAL and set the value 1

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Fingerprint Reader Unavailable with Domain User

Just got a new Laptop with Fingerprint Reader to login. Works fine with a local account but when trying to setup with a Domain login it says its unavailable.

Found this on the Internet. Just need to add a DWORD to Registry.

Under Registry:


Add a DWORD:

AllowDomainPINLogon  with a value of 1


Restart PC and then you can configure fingerprint reader as a Domain user


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Trying To Restore Windows 2008R2 From Backup Gives Error

Yes I still have a 2008R2 Server but they will be replacing it hopefully soon.

When I tried to restore from a GOOD Windows backup (On a 4TB drive) I get this:

bmrui.exe – Application Error

The instruction at 0xff10b494 referenced memory at 0x00000000.  The memory could not be read.

when attempt to restore system image from external hard drive.

Found the solution here

Basically I had to assign a drive letter from another PC and then re-attach it back to the server to do the restore.

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Exchange Store and Transport Services Stuck on Starting

Client had an issue with Exchange 2010 Information Store and Transport services stuck on starting. It also affected other services trying to start. After troubleshooting for awhile found a solution. Had to boot the server in Safe Mode in order to do anything with these services since they were stuck in starting. I changed the 2 services to disable at first. Rebooted in normal boot. Once running I changed them to Automatic with delay. I started the 2 services fine once other services started before.

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Excel Could Not See Network Drives After Windows 10 Upgrade

One of my clients I just upgraded their PC from Windows 7 to 10. They have Office 2010 and everything was working except Excel could not see any network drives. All other apps are fine. I Googled it and came across this article. It did not help but let me search in a location that I would not expect. It described if the program is running as Administrator it might not see the network drives. I have came across this before. Usually in an elevated  CMD Prompt. It also mentioned deleting a registry but would affect all Office. So I checked first for the Administrator. That was not the issue. The issue was for some reason the Excel icon was set to run in Windows XP compatible mode. Removed that and everything is back to normal.

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WordPerfect Can’t Print

2. Reset your WordPerfect printer settings:

  • Windows Vista and Windows 7: Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories. Click Run, type “regedit” in the Open Box and click OK.
  • Windows 8: On the keyboard, press Windows key + R. Type “regedit” in the Open Box and click on OK.
  • All other versions of Windows: Go to Start > Run. Type “regedit” in the Open Box and click on OK.

3. In Registry Editor navigate to “PrintEngine” it is located in:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Corel > PrintEngine

4. Right click on the PrintEngine folder > Rename. Rename the folder to “PrintEngineOld”

5. Your printer information will be refreshed on the next launch of WordPerfect X7

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SonicWall Global VPN slows Internet When Connected

Found this here.

Seems like you need to disable RSC


Quick way to disable Receive Segment Coalescing (RSC) via Powershell

Open Powershell (Admin)
Get the WiFi adapter’s NAME using
> Get-NetAdapter
Check to see if “Receive Segment Coalesing (RSC)” is on
> Get-NetAdapterRSC
a. True=RSC is enabled | False=disabled
If true use the following command to disable RSC
> Disable-NetAdapterRSC -Name Wi-Fi

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Wordperfect Started To Print To Manual Tray

Found the following HERE.

In the main (home) composition screen, from the top command bar select Format > Page > Page Setup. Select Setup tab. Under Page Definitions, highlight whatever paper size you’re using. Hit the “Edit” button below. Look at the “Source” window in the dialog box that appears. Change it from Manual to Auto Select. Hit OK to back all the way out. Done.


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