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Windows 10 Update Causes Printing and Other Issues

This article describes there are 2 Windows 10 updates that are causing major issues.

For me a client that did not have default printer option and needed it for 3rd party app. For me it was not KB5424147 installed but KB5424148. Removed this update and default printer option is back. Now I have to disable Windows update till they fix it!


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Outlook 2016 Trying To Connect To Exchange 365 Password Prompt Disappears

Client that has Outlook 2016 and one of his emails connects to Exchange 365 account. Something went around and everyone using the account had to re login with email address and password. For this client there would be a white box with nothing in it pop up for a few seconds and then disappear. I tried removing the account from Outlook and then re add it but it would still do the same thing.

Found this online

Basically I had to do this workaround by adding a registry entry:

The workaround that I’ve implemented is to turn Modern Authentication off for the clients that are experiencing the issue. I’ve done so by implementing the following registry key (DWORD (32-bit) Value) after closing Outlook:


Setting this key to 0 disables Modern Authentication within the Outlook client. No reboot is required. After opening Outlook back up, I was greeted with the basic authentication password prompt. After entering the user credentials and opting to have them remembered, the clients have remained connected.

Once I did this and opened Outlook it would work.


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Google IMAP Slow Or Gives Error In Outlook

I have a client that has a corporate google email account and is configured with IMAP in Outlook 2010. Some of them have a lot of emails and folders. Some are experiencing errors of syncing.

A lot have the syncing running a long time. I found this video that helps with the syncing. Basically I configured it to just download headers for all email rather than download all email. Some of them that kept getting error I created a new Outlook profile with a new cache .PST file.

Press CTRL-ALT-S to get to the Send/Receive Window. Select Edit for All Accounts. Under your IMAP email specify to just download headers for certain folders.

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Word 2016 Can’t Load Online Templates. Something went wrong while downloading template

Client recently got this after I updated the PC from Windows 7 to 10. Updated Office to 2016 Standard. Found this online. The only thing that helped me was the last part specifying don’t connect to Internet.


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Remotely Enable Remote Desktop

I have a client that I needed to restart the server but there was one person who left their PC on with open files. I thought I had in the group policy to enable the RDP on all the workstations but I guess I did not. So I needed to remotely enable RDP. I found this site at mediarealm to be very informative.

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Startup Password Required Before Login For Windows 7

Got this on a recent client Windows 7 PC. Have not seen this for some time. This is a syskey. You can encrypt the registry with a password so that you need to enter to continue to boot. This is mostly used by scammers that hack into your PC (by giving them permission) and they setup this password so that you require to pay them to fix it. Googled online and found this site that helps. I have tried these things in the past. Usually try and do a system restore point back before this happens so it can restore a good copy of the registry. I tried this and could not restore (MS restore point is usually 30 percent works 70 percent fails for me). So what I did to get by this is the last step. This is where you boot from a Windows 7 CD. Select Repair. Select command prompt. I then ran regedit.exe and modified the following 2 registrys:

SecureBoot 0
F 0000


After this it got past asking for a password.

Microsoft has removed this option in Windows 10 to prevent this thing to happen again.

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Create A New Self-Signed Certificate For Exchange 2010

I still have a few clients that are using self-signed certificates. Most of my clients I have purchased certificates especially if they are connecting externally with their phone. So I needed to create a new self-signed certificate for a client that recently expired. I Googled it and found many sites with different ways of doing it. I found this one that I used. Basically here are the steps:

From a Exchange Shell Command line you run this command.

$Data = New-ExchangeCertificate -GenerateRequest -SubjectName “c=US, o=Organization Name, cn=fqdn.organization.com” -DomainName organization.com, secondarydomain.com -PrivateKeyExportable $true
Set-Content -path “C:\Docs\MyCertRequest.req” -Value $Data

Now for me to use this I checked the expired certificate and found the Subject Name was CN=SERVERNAME . Also for the DomainName it was SERVERNAME and the secondary one is SERVERNAME.DOMAIN.LOCALĀ  I used the same parameters in order for it to work. Also the C:\Docs folder I created ahead of time.

Next thing you do is get the thumbprint


This will show all the thumbprint. I then copied the thumbprint of the first one (The new one) and then pasted it in the following

get-exchangecertificate -thumbprint asdfdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz | new-exchangecertificate

I did not do the 4th part. I changed the associated protocols using the Exchange GUI under Servers-Certificates.

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Windows 10 and Office 365 3rd party app specifies no default application

Client that recently installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 and Office 365 Home and they have a 3rd party application that uses the default Mail client to send out email gave an error that there was no default email client associated. It was classified that the Outlook was the default application but it still failed. Seems there are a lot of 3rd party apps that don’t recognize 64-Bit version of Outlook. Microsoft just recently switched its default installation of Office 365 (and likely Office 2019) to install the 64-bit version. I tried this website option but it did not work for me. So I had to uninstall the Office and then install the Office 365 32-Bit version. Here is a link on describing it. Basically uninstall. Then go to office.com/account. Login and select Install Office but select the option link and change it to 32-bit. Once installed the 3rd party program works! Another MS trying to push technology that has not fully caught up to 3rd party programs!


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Windows 10 Dual Monitor Second Screen Apps Move To Screen One When Monitors Go To Sleep

My PC recently started to move open apps on my second screen to my main screen after left when the PC Monitors are turned off after 30 minutes. It never did this before. Googled it and found this article.

The first suggestion was to remove hidden monitors under devices and restart. I had 1 and I did remove it and restarted it but that did not help. It was the second suggestion that seems to fix it. My main monitor was DVI connected and the second monitor was VGA. I changed it so that my main PC is connected to VGA and second monitor as DVI. So far it has solved my issue.

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Upgrading Windows 10 Home To Pro With Old Windows 7 Pro Key

You can upgrade a Windows 10 Home to Pro by following this.

Disconnect from the Internet so it won’t try and activate (yet).

Right Click on This PC and select Properties and then select change product key. (or press Windows key + R and type in slui.exe 3 )

Type in the following generic Windows 10 PRO key (you can’t activate with it but it will allow the upgrade).


After this follow the prompts to update to Pro. Once updated and rebooted then attach the PC to the Internet. Go in and change the key the same way and now type in your Windows 7,8 or 10 Pro key. Then activate.

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