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Excel Could Not See Network Drives After Windows 10 Upgrade

One of my clients I just upgraded their PC from Windows 7 to 10. They have Office 2010 and everything was working except Excel could not see any network drives. All other apps are fine. I Googled it and came across this article. It did not help but let me search in a location that […]

Why Microsoft Office 365 Is Better Than Gmail

I deal with many clients with many email options. A lot of my clients (like myself) use on-site Exchange. The advantages of on-site Exchange are plenty. There are some disadvantages but if you are a one site company that need privacy and easily flexibility then there is nothing like Exchange!! What are the […]

Word 2016 Can’t Load Online Templates. Something went wrong while downloading template

Client recently got this after I updated the PC from Windows 7 to 10. Updated Office to 2016 Standard. Found this online. The only thing that helped me was the last part specifying don’t connect to Internet.


Windows 10 and Office 365 3rd party app specifies no default application

Client that recently installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 and Office 365 Home and they have a 3rd party application that uses the default Mail client to send out email gave an error that there was no default email client associated. It was classified that the Outlook was the default application but […]

Can’t Sync Contacts With Outlook 2016 and iPhone

Found this on the Internet. Seems Apple has an issue with sync with itunes and Outlook 2016.

Firstly, you need a Microsoft account, which is generally hotmail.com or outlook.com. These are not exchange accounts, exchange is something you have to pay for separately (although one is included in one of the business office 365 packages).


Export Cached Email Address From Exchange

Have a client that has MS Exchange with Outlook 2010 on the clients. They are migrating to a new 2012 R2 server with no Exchange. Its a small client that does not need the Exchange and want to save money. I am just exporting all email/contacts etc from Exchange into a .PST file […]

Outlook 2013 Won’t Start After Upgrade

Client had Office 2010 installed and Office 2013. Outlook 2010 was used because they had older Exchange 2003 that does not work with Outlook 2013. They got Exchange 2010 and tried to upgrade Outlook to 2013 but gave error could not start when running Outlook 2013. Tried safe mode and new email profile […]

Outlook 2013 Hangs Loading Profile

Have a client that is running Office 2013 on Windows 7 Laptop. Outlook was working fine. Then one day when she tried to open Outlook it would hang on Loading Profile. I can start the Outlook in safe mode (Outlook.exe /safe). So I disabled all add-ons and tried it again and it still […]

Word cannot open because a dialog box is open. Please close the dialog box to continue

I got this message whenever I opened a Word document from Outlook with MS Word 2013 installed. It worked fine if I already had Word open before trying to open the .doc or .docx file from Outlook.

Searched online and found a solution. It basically removes some of the extra security in Word.

Open Word […]

Changing Default For Word 2013 When Have Word 2007 or 2010 Also Installed

Client has an issue that word documents open in Word 2007 rather than 2013. Found this article that fixed the issue.