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Can’t Access Map Drives With Elevated Application

Seen this before. If you have mapped drives to a server/PC and then run an application elevated to run as Administrator and you don’t see the mapped drives here is a link that describes it and options to rectify.

Here is the solution that works for me:


Detail to configure the EnableLinkedConnections” registry entry


Eastlink Arris Modem/Router DG3270 With Maestro Setup With Another Router

I just recently switch from Bell ADSL 10MBit/1MBit service (Fastest Bell can offer at my location) to Eastlink Cable Internet 150MBit/10MBit service. The cost of Bell with Satellite and Phone is more than what I am paying for Eastlink TV/Internet/Phone and I’m getting 150MBit service!!

Now I have a main ASUS […]

Windows Pro PC Can’t Join Domain

Client trying to join a new Windows 10 Pro PC to a Windows 2008R2 Domain. The error he is getting is the following:

“The DNS SRV records required to locate a AD DC for the domain are not registered in DNS. These records are registered with a DNS server automatically when […]

Setup Site-to-Site VPN With 2 Tomato Routers

One of my clients needed a site-to-site VPN. Searching online I found some sites that were very helpful. I decided to configure it using tun rather than tap. The difference between tun and tap is tun can tunnel traffic between 2 different subnets where tap you have to use the same subnet on both ends […]

Fixing Network Issue On Windows 7

Client that had a network icon on bottom right with an red x on it and it would say not connected to network even though the PC is on the Domain and can access network shares and the Internet. After searching online I found a Windows repair tool from the following website:



Change Network Location

Sometimes you select the wrong network location on a Windows PC (Public,Private,Domain). Sometimes it switches by itself. Every version of Windows (XP,7,8,10, Server 2008R2,2012, etc) have different locations or ways of switching the network location. Usually for me I have a PC or Server that is sharing a folder or something. If it […]

Why Tomato Firmware Is The Best Router

I deal with a lot of small routers for home and small business. I also deal with bit larger routers like small true Cisco routers and Fortinet’s FortiGate routers.

The more you pay usually the better the product. It all depends on what your needs are for a router. Most home […]

Simply and Sage 50 Firewall Settings

When Setting up Simply Accounting or the newer Sage 50 software you will need to modify the firewall if you are running a multi user version. On the server or workstation where the data sits you will need to either disable the firewall or I recommend modify the firewall to allow the application […]

Windows XP Connect To Windows 7 Share Looses Connection

Have a Windows XP PRO PC connecting to a Windows 7 PRO that has a shared folder. After a day or so the connection to the share stops and can’t access the Windows 7 PRO. Other Windows 7 PC’s are not affected. I found this on the Internet:

Locate the first key:

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache


Internet Problem. Gateway is

New client had an issue of getting on Internet. Running Windows 7 64-Bit and has Adobe CS3. Adobe is the cause. It installs Apple Bonjour and the Bonjour conflicts with the Gateway. The best way to verify this is your problem is open a Command Prompt and type ipconfig If you see your default Gateway […]