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Can’t Print to XP PC From Vista PC

On Vista PC go to “Control Panel” – “Printers” – “Add printer”. – Believe or not, click “Add a local printer” (I know you want to add a network printer but that way it doesn’t work). – Click “Create a new port” – “Local Port” – “Next” – In the next box you have to […]

Virtualbox 3 3D problems for XP Guest

I have started to move to Virtualbox as my preference VM software. I like VMware but lately under my Vista 64-bit host I have had problems with the network driver. Mostly it won’t see the network properly in any guest (Mainly Ubuntu and XP). I decided to try Virtualbox. I use to use […]

Use Sysprep To Replace Newsid For Vista

I have used ghost and newsid many times at the College I maintain for years with Windows 2000 and XP but when they switched to Vista I had a problem. The newsid did not work. Microsoft solution is sysprep. It takes longer for the cloned PC to boot but the alternative would be […]

Vista Won’t Sleep

My Vista was working fine on going to sleep. Then after installing a bunch of programs and changing a few things I found that the sleep would not work anymore. I thought it was a program. It turned out it was the Media Center I activated to with linking to my Xbox 360. […]

Enter Vista Zone

I recently upgraded my 5 year old P4 3GHz HT, 2 Gig, 320Gig Raid 1, FX5200 128meg PC (ya so old) to the following:

Core 2 Duo 3GHz (overclocked to 3.6)

4 GIG DDR2 (will probably bump to 8 since DDR2 is so cheap)

2 1 Terabyte […]

Survey Says!! XP!

What’s Wrong With Microsoft’s ‘Mojave Experiment?

I really like this article. Really describes Microsoft’s trickery.

What’s Wrong With Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment?

Describing Vista As A Miss For Microsoft

Here is a clip from a top ten Bill Gates greatest hits and misses article I saw on Digg. This describes Vista very well on why its not very popular.

“Vista doesn’t suck. Let’s just get that off our chests. In fact, it’s a quite capable, secure and sexy OS when you get right […]

Microsoft Releases Vista SP1 On Windows Update

Article from Channel Web saying MS has released Vista SP1

Microsoft warns on Vista update

Upgrading Vista with SP1 will prevent some programs to work. Here is the article