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Error 14 Not enough storage error on SBS 2003 Server

Have a client that was having issues on their SBS 2003 server. I needed to restart the server. After restarting the server I started to get the Error 14 error when it was trying to start some of the services (DHCP Server, WWW Services, Exchange Routing service and even trying to get into the Disk Manager). Thought it might have been a windows update that they did recently. Also there were 30+ incidents of the the wmiprvse.exe loaded in the task manager. After searching the Internet found out is was caused be a recent Linux box that they installed a week earlier. If the Linux box is running and connected to the network and then start the SBS 2003 server I get the problem. If I shutdown the Linux box and start the SBS 2003 server first then everything works fine. It has something to do with naming in the domain. MS KB 888193 explains a bit about it.

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