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Describing Vista As A Miss For Microsoft

Here is a clip from a top ten Bill Gates greatest hits and misses article I saw on Digg. This describes Vista very well on why its not very popular.

“Vista doesn’t suck. Let’s just get that off our chests. In fact, it’s a quite capable, secure and sexy OS when you get right down to it. Unfortunately, its problems just loomed too large for many folks to overlook. A multitude of delays and a rapidly diminishing feature list soured people right out of the gate, and once the dust settled people just weren’t happy with the minor improvements they were getting in exchange for their hard-earned monies and fairly mandatory RAM upgrades. Mix that in with the standard driver incompatibilities of any Microsoft OS upgrade, and you’ve got a whole bunch of disgruntled downgraders on your hands — and plenty of bad press to fill in any remaining gaps. Sadly, improvements to Media Center, aesthetics and even that quirky little sidebar got overlooked in the process. Microsoft’s already scrambling to get Windows 7 together to capture the multitude of users that’ve decided to skip Vista altogether, let’s just hope it’s not too late.”

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