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Lexmark Deskjet won’t install in Vista

Not a fan of Lexmark deskjet printers. Don’t get me started on their cheap colour laser. Their high-end mono lasers are not bad.

Had a client that bought a new Vista PC and could not get the lexmark x1140 printer driver installed. Turned out the user tried to install the XP driver on Vista. Trying to remove it and then install the Vista driver failed all the time.  The problem was the XP driver first installed the LexBce Server to take over the spooler. One of the major reasons I hate Lexmark. I had to point the spooler back to default and then reinstall the Vista driver.

To fix the spooler back to fault you have to run the following at a command prompt. You have to run as administrator rights in order to run. Right-Click on the command prompt and select Run as administrator. Once the prompt is active type the following:

sc config spooler depend= RPCSS

Once set properly then restart the PC or go into services and start the print spooler. Now do the normal install of the Vista driver (remember not to plug in the printer until asked. Almost all USB devices should be installed like this)

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