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Vmware vs Virtual PC 2007 Network Speed

I have used VMware for several years and just love the product. When MS created Virtual PC 2007 I decided to give it a try. It is OK but its not as good. The only thing good is its free. I decided to try it out for a client that is running an old DOS application that only works with Lantastic (Ya there are a lot of people saying what the heck is that). Any how I Installed Virtual PC 2007 and installed Windows 98 guest. The application worked but when it starts and runs it was really slow accessing over the network. It even affected other PC’s on the network. I decided to then try VMware. Exact installation of Windows 98 and Lantastic and Application and it ran as fast if not faster than a regular PC running Windows 98. It seems Microsoft just can’t create applications like this very well. I have notest that in another application MS has created. Again its free so I guess you get what you ask for. Thats MS Steadystate. I tried it at a contract site where they are using Deep Freeze and the Deep Freeze is so much better. Its faster (no lag on start-up compared to Steadystate) and the Deep Freeze seems much more stable and less booting.

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