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Vista Won’t Sleep

My Vista was working fine on going to sleep.  Then after installing a bunch of programs and changing a few things I found that the sleep would not work anymore. I thought it was a program. It turned out it was the Media Center I activated to with linking to my Xbox 360. I found the following on the internet:

I had the same problem: After choosing sleep, Vista would reanimate on its own 1 to 10 seconds later. Annoying!

For me the trick was to realize that perhaps something was waking the computer up – and then to tell Vista to ignore it. It was both my (1) mouse and (2) Vista’s dumb multimedia sharing option.

Mouse: Easy solution (often posted elsewhere). Shut it up. Do this:
Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Mice -> Right-click your specific mouse -> Properties -> Power Management tab -> uncheck “Allow this device to wake the computer”

Vista’s dumb multimedia sharing option: More complex (and I don’t think anyone else has posted it). Do this:
Control Panel -> Power Options -> If “High Performance” is selected, choose something else, like “Balanced” (I don’t know why this works) -> Change plan settings (for the chosen power plan) -> Change advanced power settings -> Scroll down to Multimedia settings -> Choose “Allow the computer to sleep”

My, won’t your computer feel much more rested, and your power bill will go down to boot.

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