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Virtualbox 3 3D problems for XP Guest

I have started to move to Virtualbox as my preference VM software. I like VMware but lately under my Vista 64-bit host I have had problems with the network driver. Mostly it won’t see the network properly in any guest (Mainly Ubuntu and XP). I decided to try Virtualbox. I use to use it in Ubuntu Host and it worked well. Not perfect but better than VMware server. Virtualbox (Sun) came out with version 3 with 3D support for Linux AND Windows. 2.2 had support for Ubuntu 3D so I figured the 3 that added Windows would make the few older 3D games that my son plays would work. The problem is I can’t get the Windows directX 3D to work!! It works fine for Ubuntu as long as you install the 3.0 Guest drivers (after a few tries I got going) but what I ever do for Windows will not work. Its a fresh install of XP -32bit guest with the 3D support setup in install and settings. When I install the guest drivers I select the 3D support beta. Everything installs fine but it will not show anything for 3D support when I run dxdiag. I have searched the Internet with no one else having the same issue. Seems strange. Maybe its the 64-bit host I really don’t know but its strange when the Ubuntu 32-bit guest works fine.


I found that installing the guest software in safe mode made it worked.

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