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Change my HD and Windows 7 Made My Laptop Fast

My Acer 5720 Laptop is a decent laptop (well a few years ago but still is not bad). Its Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz, 250 Gig Sata, 3 Gig RAM. It came with XP. When I got it, it was fast. As the year or so have gone it has gotten really slow in some parts. Coming out of Hibernation and starting Firefox got really slow. I could have started a fresh install of XP and it would have been faster but I decided to switch to 7. I feel it is a fast OS for some things. I also decided to switch to one of the fastest HD’s for Laptops that is not a SSD. I decided to get the WD Black 500 Gig 2.5 Sata HD. If you search for this drive it will be one of the fastest drives out there. It also is cheap and has a 5 year warranty. It was a no brainer when thinking of getting a drive. Sure I could have gotten an SSD 256 Gig but at a large cost!!!. This drive is FAST. I boot from hibernate and start Firefox in seconds not minutes. The HD is one of the slowest parts of the PC and I really think the change of the HD does make a big difference. Windows 7 also makes a big difference when you have 2+ more memory and open an app like Firefox the second time because they keep it as a cache app.


Its been almost 2 years now with the Black WD drive and Windows 7 and its just as fast as it was when I installed it.  It might be a bit slower starting from cold boot with the extra stuff installed but starting from Hibernation its just as fast!

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