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Windows 8 Review So Far

Well I have installed Windows 8 Release Preview and have lately installed the full Windows 8 (Tech Net). And the following I have found:

Windows 8 looks like 2 in 1. It has the original Desktop without the Start menu (Download Classic Shell to get it back).  and the new (METRO) start menu. Microsoft has still not labeled the new interface but I will still call it Metro.

Microsoft is pushing the new Metro apps. The issue I have is there are limited apps. If this is the norm then Windows RT Tablet will tank. For example after all this new OS through beta etc (I don’t know maybe I am missing something) there is no Facebook app for Metro. I googled it and they say there is one and when I go through the process it just gives me a window in Firefox for Facebook. So if this is the case ( I looked at the store in social apps and there is no Facebook) the latest and greatest OS to be all the end all does (Who is pushing Metro apps (or whatever MS will call it)) does not have a metro app yet for the largest social thing on the Internet just makes this thing closer to a Vista OS EVER!!. Ok you want to push METRO (AKA WHATEVER YOU CALL IT!!) But don’t include the largest social explosion for it. This is just crazy!!!

The other thing I find is that there is no search for apps in the store. Whats all that about. You want to compete with Apple in iOS for tablet but there is no search for apps. I’m sorry I am a Windows fan. I have used every OS that they have created. Windows 7 is the most stable and best OS they have created. They want to compete with Apple for Tablet I can see their point but at least try and compete!! iOS has 400,000+ apps so far and you are starting from the ground up with Windows 8 RT and Windows METRO! It will be a struggle. Maybe you will improve and incorporate this but so far you are just treading water.

I won’t even get into the corporate issue with not including a normal start menu as an option. Corporate already skipped Vista with it’s issues. They are slowly going with Windows 7 with its great benefits of 64-bit larger memory issue and compatible etc.

Will have to see. There are some nice features in Windows 8 that look nice (restore easily etc) but will have to review more. So far I can’t see a big thing of switching from Windows 7 to 8.



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