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Dropbox vs Google Drive vs OneDrive

Over the years I have tried and use the main syncing utilities to sync files from PC to PC. They are great for what I do and can’t see how to live with out them. I started with Dropbox since its the oldest. There was a product before I use to use till MS bought them out and turned them into Skydrive/Onedrive. I was mad because at the time it dropped support for XP. The nice thing with Dropbox is that its compatible with everything. They have an app for everything. The bad is compared to the others for free its small. I did the extra stuff like recommend to others etc to get extra free space. I currently have 6.2 Gig free. Google has 15 Gig and I actually have 25 Gig free with a promotion. With the MS Office 365 I have also 25 Gig on Skydrive.

The biggest reason I use Dropbox for the majority of my files is reliability!! I get conflicts all the time with Google Drive and Skydrive. I rarely get conflicts with Dropbox. I have clients and myself with clients data and its a big pain with the conflicts issues. The other major reason to use Dropbox (both for me and my clients) is Dropbox keeps versions in the cloud. This saved one of my clients job when she accidentally had a sync setup and moved it or something and it deleted everything on Dropbox (cloud and all PC sync data). All data was restored from the cloud because it keeps deleted items!. If it was Google Drive or Skydrive all data would be lost if there were no backup!!

This is my view let me know what your experience is.



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