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Clone Drive On Dual Boot Gives Error

I have a dual boot setup on my 1 PC. I have Windows 7 installed on a 1 TB drive. I then added a second small SSD drive and installed Windows 8.1 on this. This gives me a dual boot option. I can boot into either OS. I decided to upgrade my small SSD Windows 8.1 to a larger SSD. I used Acronis to clone the drive. Cloned the drive fine. Placed the larger drive where the smaller one is and then I got an error on bootup. This is because the boot loader (which is on the Windows 7 drive) could not find the smaller drive. I needed to modify the boot loader file in order to point it to the new drive. I search online and found a utility called EasyBCD. I booted into the Windows 7 OS. Downloaded and installed EasyBCD and then changed the Windows 8.1 option to point to the new drive. Rebooted and then I could boot into Windows 8.1. If I was changing the Windows 7 drive I don’t think I would have had this issue. This only happens when changing the second drive that does not contain the boot loader file.

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