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Error 500 on Exchange 2010 OWA access Option Autoreply

Found the solution on the following site. The part that worked for me was in the end where you change the .net from version 4 to 2.

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2 comments to Error 500 on Exchange 2010 OWA access Option Autoreply

  • Hi Steve i have a brother printer/scanner HL-L2380DW and I installed tens of times but I cannot get the CC4 to open and see all the utilities. I can use the scanner but only by opening (installation diagnostics)and then scan.It will not let me use it from CC4 control. I hope you have a solution to this problem because everything else that I tried did not work and it’s driving me insane. Thank you in advance Regards Tony

  • Hi Tony,

    I have a post about CC3 won’t open and maybe it might fix your issue. Try this:


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