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Firefox better than Chrome

I have used Firefox since version 1. Was not a big fan of Internet Explorer. When I had major issues of IE in XP and 7 and could not fix but Firefox was fine I really switch. What I really like of Firefox is its customize and its great add-ons. When IE was the dominating browser I still used FF. When Chrome is now the dominating browser I still use FF. I have used IE,FF,Chrome,Edge,Opera and Safari. I have not truly ran each for a long time other than IE and FF BUT what I feel and like and rely on in FF. Chrome may be the dominating browser but there is something with it I don’t like. One of the major issues with Chrome is the memory hog with many tabs. Chrome tries to make it more stable with separate memory tabs but for a PC with limited memory will not work. It may be more reliability with if one page crashes it does not affect the others BUT over the several years of being on the Internet I have rarely had pages crash. Sure in the early years they were more prevalent but lately they are fine. I don’t go to bad sites and I use ESET for Any AV and usually blocks bad sites.

There are many sites that debate what is the best browser. Here is one that prefer FF over Chrome from Lifehacker


Again I still FF over any browser.  I have used Edge (better security over IE but crappy in compatibility). Chrome I just hate the interface. Maybe I have not reviewed it more but the how  the favorites,add in, etc sucks  compared to FF. I use to complain how Chrome was a memory hog but lately I see FF taking close to a gig of mem on start. Sorry I use 16GB PCs for most of my sites so I don’t care and NEVER had an issue with FF taking lots of memory.


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