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Why RAID Is Important

All my servers I build have RAID. Mostly RAID 1. My main multimedia machine at home has 5 drives. 4 of them are set to RAID 1. Well one of these drives died recently. The 8 year old drive (almost to the day) on one of my RAID 1 sets is dead. I have 1000’s of videos,pictures and music that I don’t want to spend days or more to replace so this is why I implemented RAID. I took out the failed drive. Replaced it with a new drive and started the Intel Raid  software to rebuild. All up and running fine. For home and  small servers I implement the RAID option on the ASUS Motherboard. Its called BIOS RAID. If you search all the IT people say don’t use BIOS RAID. Well I have used BIOS RAID for over 12 years and NEVER had an issue!! Sure the RAID rebuild is slower compared to hardware RAID but the nice thing I like with BIOS RAID 1 is I can take one of the drives if say the MB died and can read from any PC. Lets see you do this with a RAID 5 controller set. NOT! I have had a client many years ago that had RAID 5 and this happened. If the controller dies you are SOL. Luckily they had a good backup. It took me 3 days to get everything going as before. This is why I will never implement RAID 5. I only do RAID 1 and RAID 10.

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