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WordPress 5.1 Broke Visual Editor

I maintain a few WordPress sites including this one. I normally upgrade everything from WordPress core version and all the plugins. Mostly for security reason its a good thing. Much like you should always update your Windows PC. I upgraded this site to WordPress 5.1 and had no issue. I upgraded a different site and I had a major issue. I could not create new or edit Pages or Posts. It would give me a blank screen. Playing with some settings with Classic Editor etc. if I would try and edit say a Post everything was hidden in white. Googling this I see others also have had this same issue. The only way to edit Pages or Posts was to disable the visual editor and only edit in text. Visual editor has made the reason WordPress is so popular. You don’t have to be master web builder to make a nice website. I can do the edit in text. I know some html but its so much easier to do this in Visual Editor. When I search this they suggested the usual disable all plugins, change theme to standard theme etc. None of this helped. Others said maybe its a version of PHP or Server version. Weird thing is the site having the issue has a newer version of PHP compared to say this site.

My solution to fix this is to downgrade my version of WordPress and went back to version 5.0.3. To do this the easy way is install WP Downgrade plugin WP Downgrade plugin.

I also installed another plugin to Disable Automatic Update Disable Automatic Update plugin.

So for now I will have to live on WordPress 5.0.3 on my other site. Hopefully they will find a fix for this.


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