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I'm a Tech Guy for over 30 Years Knowledge of Computers, Networks, PC Gadgets. This site is to be used to share some of my knowledge and reviews


I have been a fan of The Screen Savers on Tech TV and before on other tech channels. Really liked Leo and Patrick banter and their tech (at the day a 486 to Pentium was a big deal). I got my Gmail account because of Kevin Rose’s second giveaway when Gmail accounts were invite. So now its 2020. Leo is a millionaire running a million dollar tech Internet channel tv on TWIT.TV. The last that I saw of Patrick Norton he and his family are traveling out of California in a RV looking for a place to call home. He had been still doing TWITCH on Twit.tv. March 19 was the last that it was on. Twit now classified it as archived. There is a brief explanation that it is retired. No explanations on why. It has been on for 10 years!! Then gone!! WTF!!! The shows I like on TWIT.TV are dwindling rapidly!! Know How!! is my favorite. The Arduino, Raspberry Pie and Quadcopters are my favorite. I understand that Padre could not be there that it would go. NOW TWITCH!!! I like to keep up with the latest GPU and SSD info! Now that everybody is at home you would think it would be more popular!! Now its gone!!. Twit and Security Now and Windows Weekly are the only ones left for me. When one of those goes its over for Leo.

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