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Windows 10 2004 Update Is Odd

So the new upgrade to the latest Windows 10 is out. Almost. Its not like the last one which I believe was a 30 min normal upgrade of normal security etc stuff. OH NOOO!!!! I have witness upgrading I believe 3 PCs (not the fastest but average) take 2-4 hour upgrade!! Wow!!. Also for my own experience I try and manually install and no go. I try the Windows update and I even try the manual download all files, right click on setup and select run as administrator. Nope. Looking on line there seems to be a lot of print issues with this update and older 1909 updates. Other major issues also. MS own hardware are not getting any updates. Make you think of a company that focus on Software for all their life (50+) and can’t get their Software to work with their own HARDWARE!!. Gee wonder why Apple will kick them in the ass again!!

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