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Lock Bump Key

This is scary!

XP System process using 99% CPU

A client complained that their mouse (USB) was not working and PC was really slow. Looked at the processes and found the SYSTEM process was 99%. Search on the Internet and found some others had the same issue with USB ports causing the problem. For me I changed the USB ports in the Intel […]

Microsoft Finally Releases XP Service Pack 3

Microsoft is Shipping SP3 to Manufactures and regular downloads should be April 29


Looks like MS is delaying SP3 because of a bug! Surprise Surprise!


The file or directory C:\$Secure is corrupt and unreadable Error

Had a client who got this error on a Windows XP PRO PC. It would give this error and also would not create a pagefile properly. I searched on the Internet and found that most people concluded that you had to backup all your data and format again. Its related on a faulty NTFS […]

Show Desktop Icon Is Missing Or Corrupted

I have seen this problem a few times and I found this on the Internet

What you’ll need to do is create a file in Notepad and save it to where Show Desktop should be.

Go to Start/Run and type in “notepad” (without the quotes) then type in these lines:

[Shell] Command=2 IconFile=explorer.exe,3 [Taskbar] […]

4Gig Or More Ram Problems With Windows

Well there are issues with PC’s that have 4 gig of ram or more and either the BIOS says that it only sees 3 gig or Windows 32-bit only sees 3 gig. Either way there is limits. Depending on your motherboard there might be a setting in the BIOS called memory remaping that you […]