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Windows 7 Chkdsk, The Memory Hog

What program built into Windows 7 will eat almost all your RAM no matter how much you have. Chkdsk. Running it from a command prompt or even the GUI it will eat the RAM (at least from the command prompt you can kill it easily. The GUI you have to log off or restart). Google Windows 7 chkdsk bug and you will see a ton of responses. I found this out just recently when I wanted to check an issue I have with an USB 3 drive. I ran the Chkdsk /r on a drive, glanced at my system resources a few minutes later and saw that the 12 Gig’s of RAM I have was being used 95%!!! Googled the Chkdsk and see that MS really has not fixed this BUG. They seem to not claim it as a BUG. I claim it as a BUG/Memory Leak issue. They should at least cap the chkdsk to only use a percent of the memory you have not all the free RAM you have. Nice going Microsoft!!


If you use the 32-bit version of chkdsk it will limit to 4GB. See my other post

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