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Error When Printing Other Users Calendar In Outlook

Client got this error:

The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook.

Found this on Microsoft website.

Method 1: Disable the TaskPad option


On the File menu, click Print. Click Page Setup. On the Format tab, click to clear the TaskPad check box. Click OK to close […]

Task Manager Greyed Out

Have a client that has this in their 2003 server. Caused by spyware. Ran Malwarebytes to remove the spyware. Also found this on the Internet. If you can get into the registry its a change.

Fix Greyed Out Task Manager

Slow Opening and Saving Office 2007 Files

This had been driving me nuts. My situation is I run Windows 7 Pro. Office 2007. Connected to a SBS 2008 Server. When I open an Excel document from the server the first time it would take minutes and sometimes would time out. After this it was fine usually for the rest of […]