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Can’t FTP on SBS 2011

I have a client that switched from SBS 2003 to SBS 2011. They have a Xerox copier that scans to network using FTP server. I installed FTP Role on the SBS 2011 Server. Went through the wizard in setting up permissions etc. Thought everything was going well except the scanner did not talk […]

IE8 does not show up after uninstalling IE9

Have a client that could not go back to IE8 in Windows 7 after installing IE9. What the client was doing was going into Control Panel and turning off Windows feature IE9 where he should have uninstalled IE 9 by using the following:

To remove IE9, don’t “turn Windows features on/off”, This is what you […]

Sorry, you are trying to use Google Calendar with a browser that isn’t currently supported.

A Client was getting this error when opening Google Calendar in IE8. I found this in a forum.

It appears to be a misbehaving Chrome Frame plugin. Uninstall the Google Chrome Frame plugin from the internet options/manage add ons panel. This solved the problem for a user who I provide tech support to.