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Add Music To Ipod Without ITunes

I like iPods, iPads, iPhones. Our house is full of them. (I am a PC Windows guy but for devices like these Apple makes great products). The only thing I don’t like about Apple is iTunes. I HATE iTunes!!. The biggest pet peeve I have is the music sync. I have several computers […]

New Design

Well I was getting tired of the old theme so I decided to change the look of the website. The nice thing about wordpress is you can change the theme very easily. Sometimes though you have to tweak it a bit.

If anyone cares let me know what you think.




Windows Update Fails Missing BITS Service

Client had a bunch of virus’s and spyware I had to remove from bench. When plugged back into PC the Windows Updates and MSE Updates would not work. Tried MS Fixit for updates and still did not work. Found out the BITS service was missing. Found the following to get the BITS to […]

Fix Windows 7 With SFC From Windows 7 DVD

Windows 7 does not come with a repair option like Windows XP has when booting from the OS disk. The one option you can do is run the SFC command. Normally you would run this withing the OS but if you can’t boot into Windows 7 then follow the instructions I found online […]

Missing CD or DVD in Windows 7

Had a client that did not show the DVD in their Windows 7. The BIOS saw it OK.

MS has a fix for this under KB982116. Either run their FIXIT or do the manual registry.