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After Upgrade Windows 10 Using TEMP Profile

Client came in that had just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. After the upgrade it logged in but with a temporary profile. Checked the Users folder I saw TEMP as the current profile. The main users profile is User.

Looking online I saw someone had similar issue and he […]

Latest Windows Updates Causes Outlook to Crash

I had this today. I deactivated my Dymo add-in and it seem to work.

Here is an article that suggests uninstalling KB3097877 till MS fixes it.


MS has re-updated KB3097877. See this article

PPTP Server Not Working On Tomato Router

I love Tomato Router. I normally use the Shibby Firmware that has VPN options built in. Strange thing is when I enable the PPTP server option on the router some will work as normal. Others I have to add a script to open Port 1723. I troubleshooted the issue I had with a […]