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Outlook 2016 opens with “Something is wrong with one of your data files and outlook needs to close.”

Had this exact error for a client. Found here for solution.

The solution was as follows:

In regedit, go to: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Outlook\PST
Delete the following two keys: LastCorruptStore and PromptRepair
Start Outlook
That’s it.

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Why Microsoft Office 365 Is Better Than Gmail

I deal with many clients with many email options. A lot of my clients (like myself) use on-site Exchange. The advantages of on-site Exchange are plenty. There are some disadvantages but if you are a one site company that need privacy and easily flexibility then there is nothing like Exchange!! What are the advantages? First one time payment. You have to purchase a server ( now separate from DC is VERY recommended). You have to purchase Exchange and CALs for every person who will connect. This can be expensive upfront BUT you purchase once and thats it. (Much like MS Office license where you can purchase either Office 365 annually pay every year or purchase one time  Office Home and Student or Home and Business.

So the question is MS Office 365 vs Gmail. Mostly in the Email version. A lot of my clients are on a corporate Gmail account. They have their own domain name in their email (ex John@Domain.com). They can access through browser at Gmail.com anywhere BUT most business people use Outlook so they use it to connect using likely IMAP. IMAP is great when you need to access the same email from multiple devices (PC/PHONE/ETC) BUT to control contacts and appointments it SUCKS!! Any person I have dealt with using a Gmail IMAP account has usually fallen into the trap of when I move to a new PC or new profile I lose my contacts or calendar. They only keep a copy in local .OST file that is hard (unless you have the tools) extract content.Other issues I deal on a daily bases is its syncing all the time especially with large mailboxes.

Then there is a different world. Its call Microsoft. I know there are a lot of MS haters but I have to say MS Exchange and MS Outlook is a perfect match. I have used MS Mail before Outlook. When Exchange and Outlook started it was great. Not perfect at first but grew better. So now in the cloud email time it is Outlook connecting to Office 365 in the cloud. Again both MS both connect as normal. Oh look if I open Outlook on another computer to my 365 account I get all my email, contacts, calendar, AND cache contacts. Let see Google do that!!!! AND the greatest thing is there is rarely a sync issue. Gmail wants to sync all the time unless you change a few settings in Outlook and it usually slows it down but still. Office 365 and Exchange issues. Close Outlook. Rename .OST file. Open Outlook let it rebuild new .OST file. Everything is great. You would NEVER do this with a Gmail account that have local contacts and calendar.

One other thing that really bugs me is notification of mailbox getting full. MS have had this built in Exchange on premise and now 365 as a default. You have a warning that the mailbox is getting close to full and then after full you can’t send or receive any mail. Google does not have this as an option if you are using Outlook. You can login to Gmail through a browser and it can show up if you look in the right location. Client of mine contacted Google to see if this could be an option in the future and they said nothing is planned. Again. By Google. Oh and the last straw that might make you want to switch or move to. MS Office 365 is cheaper than Google Gmail account.

Oh and one last comment. I have had over the 20+ years with over 20+ clients I have never had a major issue with their MS on-premise Exchange. Exchange is VERY ROBUST!!!

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I have been a fan of The Screen Savers on Tech TV and before on other tech channels. Really liked Leo and Patrick banter and their tech (at the day a 486 to Pentium was a big deal). I got my Gmail account because of Kevin Rose’s second giveaway when Gmail accounts were invite. So now its 2020. Leo is a millionaire running a million dollar tech Internet channel tv on TWIT.TV. The last that I saw of Patrick Norton he and his family are traveling out of California in a RV looking for a place to call home. He had been still doing TWITCH on Twit.tv. March 19 was the last that it was on. Twit now classified it as archived. There is a brief explanation that it is retired. No explanations on why. It has been on for 10 years!! Then gone!! WTF!!! The shows I like on TWIT.TV are dwindling rapidly!! Know How!! is my favorite. The Arduino, Raspberry Pie and Quadcopters are my favorite. I understand that Padre could not be there that it would go. NOW TWITCH!!! I like to keep up with the latest GPU and SSD info! Now that everybody is at home you would think it would be more popular!! Now its gone!!. Twit and Security Now and Windows Weekly are the only ones left for me. When one of those goes its over for Leo.

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Windows Server 2008R2 Won’t Boot After Installing KB4539602 Update

Got this from Security Now #753.

“Can’t Boot This!”
Windows Server 2008 R2 won’t boot after installing the KB4539602 update!

Believe it or not, on any instance of Windows server 2008 R2 which is lacking those prerequisite
updates I noted above, the consequence of attempting to install KB4539602 isn’t a notice of an
update failure, or a nice mention that some prerequisite updates are missing. No… the result is a
fully BRICKED server!

For reasons only Microsoft knows, attempting to fix the desktop wallpaper stretching issue
introduced the previous month on Windows Server 2008 R2 results in the deletion of two critical
boot files “winload.efi” and “winload.exe” from the server’s C:\windows\system32\ directory.

Security Now! #753 2

Windows 2008 R2 servers have been getting bricked left and right since Friday and the community
finally figured out what was going on. Those two files need to be copied back into the
C:\Windows\System32\ directory from another installation, or the system must be rolled back using
the system imaging command. You can boot into “System Recovery” then issue the following command
against the proper system drive letter:

dism.exe /image:C:\ /cleanup-image / revertpendingactions

Or, boot into System Recovery and, as I mentioned, copy those two files from another instance. But
these are not the only consequences of January’s troubled final update.

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Can’t Create Mailbox Database In Exchange 2016

When I attempt to create a new Mailbox Database using a PS command similar to the following:

New-MailboxDatabase -Name “DB1” -Server ThatLazyEX-02 -EdbFilePath D:\DB\DB1.edb -LogFolderPath D:\Logs\

I would get an error regarding Active Directory operation failed

Found solution here.

Basically I have to specify the preferred server with the command:

Set-ADServerSettings –PreferredServer DC1

If you run Get-ADServerSettings it will display what it is. Before running the set command the server was {}.

After running the set command the New-MailboxDatabase command worked.



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Latest ESET File Security For MS Server Causes Windows Backup To Fail

Client running Windows Server 2016 running Windows Server Backup and Eset File Security For Microsoft Servers. Everything was fine till I updated the ESET File Security to version 7.1.12006.0. Then I started getting backup error exclusive lock on the EFI system partition when it tried to do the VSS. If I disable the ESET it was fine but soon as I re-enabled ESET the error would come back. I uninstalled ESET and reinstalled the older 7.0.12014.0 version and everything was fine.

Something in the new ESET is affecting Windows Server Backup. Found this on ESET Forum describing the same thing. They say version 7.2 will fix it.

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Can’t Access Map Drives With Elevated Application

Seen this before. If you have mapped drives to a server/PC and then run an application elevated to run as Administrator and you don’t see the mapped drives here is a link that describes it and options to rectify.

Here is the solution that works for me:


Detail to configure the EnableLinkedConnections” registry entry

In Registry Editor, locate and then click the following registry subkey:
Right-click Configuration, click New, and then click DWORD (32-bit) Value.
Name the new registry entry as EnableLinkedConnections.
Double-click the EnableLinkedConnections registry entry.
In the Edit DWORD Value dialog box, type 1 in the Value data field, and then click OK.
Exit Registry Editor, and then restart the computer.


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Windows 10 Update Causes Printing and Other Issues

This article describes there are 2 Windows 10 updates that are causing major issues.

For me a client that did not have default printer option and needed it for 3rd party app. For me it was not KB5424147 installed but KB5424148. Removed this update and default printer option is back. Now I have to disable Windows update till they fix it!


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Outlook 2016 Trying To Connect To Exchange 365 Password Prompt Disappears

Client that has Outlook 2016 and one of his emails connects to Exchange 365 account. Something went around and everyone using the account had to re login with email address and password. For this client there would be a white box with nothing in it pop up for a few seconds and then disappear. I tried removing the account from Outlook and then re add it but it would still do the same thing.

Found this online

Basically I had to do this workaround by adding a registry entry:

The workaround that I’ve implemented is to turn Modern Authentication off for the clients that are experiencing the issue. I’ve done so by implementing the following registry key (DWORD (32-bit) Value) after closing Outlook:


Setting this key to 0 disables Modern Authentication within the Outlook client. No reboot is required. After opening Outlook back up, I was greeted with the basic authentication password prompt. After entering the user credentials and opting to have them remembered, the clients have remained connected.

Once I did this and opened Outlook it would work.


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Google IMAP Slow Or Gives Error In Outlook

I have a client that has a corporate google email account and is configured with IMAP in Outlook 2010. Some of them have a lot of emails and folders. Some are experiencing errors of syncing.

A lot have the syncing running a long time. I found this video that helps with the syncing. Basically I configured it to just download headers for all email rather than download all email. Some of them that kept getting error I created a new Outlook profile with a new cache .PST file.

Press CTRL-ALT-S to get to the Send/Receive Window. Select Edit for All Accounts. Under your IMAP email specify to just download headers for certain folders.

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