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Windows 10 Pro False Product Activation

One of my PCs fell with the Windows 10 Pro needs activation. There is a major bug in MS Activation Servers. Found this online that fixed my issue. Go to Settings-Updates & Security. Click Activation on the left. Then Troubleshoot on the right. After this it fixed the bug for me.

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Show VPN Connections On Windows Server

Client uses VPN on a Windows 2012 server and would like to know if users are connected before restarting the server.

The easiest way I found is to create a batch file and then run it as Administrator.

Here is the lines used in the batch file:

@echo off
netsh ras show client


Once you create the batch file containing these lines then just right-click on the file and select run as administrator

It will then show the names of the users logged in.


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Ryzen 1600 PC Won’t Boot

So I have been an Intel person for many many years. AMD in the early day sucked. They got better than Intel around the P4 time but when Intel started the Core 2 Duo I felt Intel were better. Recently the Intel CPUs are very short supply. I find very few left to find. All the 8th gen Intel i3-i7 are gone! So for my clients I have to provide PCs so I got in 2 AMD Ryzen 5 1600. My one supplier currently have some in stock. So I ordered the CPU and a compatible ASUS motherboard. Plugged everything in similar to the 1000’s of Intel PCs I have created but it would not boot. Looking at the fine print on the AMD box is it needs a GPU. WTF!!!!!!! Intel have not created a video card in many years so they build the GPU in the CPU. They are not the greatest but are getting better and for most of my business clients that’s all they need. Hell I can get Intel IX with an ASUS MB and can run 3 monitors right off the MB. Not for gaming but the business people don’t need that. Multiply screens is what they care. So here is AMD who make graphic cards and have the technology for this does not implement this in the CPU!!! It does not have to be all that fast but similar to Intel CPU speeds for GPU. So now I have to add a GPU card. The cheapest Nvidia 710 costs retail around $100 So now I have to add to the cost of a PC (where PC margins are already slim) so now the cheaper AMD is not that cheap! Add a GPU and its not that cheap.


Seems AMD Ryzen CPUs that end in G (for Graphics) have the graphics capability (Example Ryzen 2400G). I can see AMD choice of the 2 different chips BUT from an Intel standpoint it makes confusion. Every Intel i series CPU has built in GPU. For AMD you have to  choice the the right CPU for the job.


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GPO Policy Error “The system cannot find the path specified”

Client tried to go into Group Policy manager and edit Default Domain Policy but got this error.

Found on this site the solution


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Importing Pictures & Videos in Win 10 as Was Done in Win 7

Found this at this site

Basically copy the content of the item in the brackets in clipboard. Then right-click on Windows 10 desktop and create a new shortcut and paste clipboard and call it what you like. txt






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Enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 in Windows 7 For Outlook To Work

Client that their email provider only connects using TLS 1.1 and 1.2. In Windows 10 its enabled by default and will work fine. For Windows 7 you have to run/check 3 steps. First make sure a Windows Update is installed. You must have SP1 installed and then download the update. Likely its already installed. Second you download and run a MS Easy Fix. Run then restart. Third you need to add 2 registry keys and restart.

Here is the website where I found this.

STEP 1 Download MS Update KB3140245

Install and reboot

STEP 2 Download MS Easy Fixit

Install and reboot

STEP 3 Add the following Registry items and reboot:

Check this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\Schannel\Protocols

Under the Protocols key, add two new keys, if not already there: One called “TLS 1.1” and one called “TLS 1.2“. Inside both of these keys, add another key called “Client“. Now create a DWORD value in each Client key called “DisabledByDefault” whose value is 00000000.

Reboot and start Outlook.

If Outlook is still not able to send or can’t connect to port 465, change to port 25.


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Error Adding Backup Drive For Windows Backup Server

Get the error:

“The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect”

This article explains options. The 3rd option is one needed if you don’t want to connect all the backup drives at once or cannot:


Add a new disk to the backup schedule by running the wbadmin command from an elevated command prompt.

Run the following command from an elevated command prompt to determine the Disk Identifier of the new disk:

wbadmin get disks

Based on the output, locate the disk that will be added to the scheduled backup. Make a note of the Disk Identifier. The output will resemble the following:
Disk name: xxxxxxxxxxx
Disk number: x
Disk identifier: {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}
Total space: xxx.xx GB
Used space : xxx.xx GB
Run the following command to add the new disk to the Scheduled backup.  Use the Disk Identifier from the previous step as the “AddTarget” parameter. (MAKE SURE ITS THE BACKUP DRIVE ID YOU USE AND NOT THE SOURCE)

WBADMIN ENABLE BACKUP -addtarget:{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}

When you receive the following prompt, type Y for Yes.
“Do you want to enable scheduled backups with the above settings?”



Seems this issue is with Server 2008,2008R2. There is no issue in Server 2012 or 2016

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SBS 2011 Windows Backup Of System State or VSS Won’t Work

Had this in a few clients. Seems there is a Sharepoint update that causes it to stop working. From this website found the solution.

1. Open an Administrative command prompt (task manager, show all processes, file -> run).
2. Change directory to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\BIN
3. Run PSConfig.exe -cmd upgrade -inplace b2b -force -cmd applicationcontent -install -cmd installfeatures
4. The command can take several minutes to run, please wait

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Copy Hyper-V Drive

I have a client that is using Server 2016 Standard and is using Hyper-V. The Hyper-V client is a Windows 2008 R2 server running RDP. The Hyper-V was slow for the remote people so I decided to copy the Hyper-V drive to a set of SSD drives to make things faster. Googling I see there is an option to move the drive but for me being paranoid I wanted to copy the drive. Then create a new Hyper-V with the same specs and then after creating the new Hyper-V attach the copied drive on the SSDs. I have tried this in the past and there is one step you need to do for this to work. There is a permissions issue with the drive. MS has setup a hidden permissions for each Hyper-V drive configuration that you create and you have to give permissions on the drive. When you create a new Hyper-V and have it create a new drive during the configuration then its fine. Its when you want to attach an existing drive to the Hyper-V that you need to give permissions.

So these are the 2 sites I found online that helped me do this. The first one has made a mistake so the second link help me figure out the issue and corrected it:

Link 1

Link 2

So these are the steps I used to make it work:

  1. Shutdown the existing Hyper-V
  2. Copy the .vhdx drive to the new location
  3. Create a new Hyper-V setup with the same specs as the original BUT select attach drive later
  4. On a Powershell command (Make sure you run as administrator or it won’t work) type the following:
  5. Get-VM ‘New Virtual Machine’ | Select-Object VMID      (Where New Virtual Machine is the name of the new Hyper-V that you created)
  6. It will display a long SID. You need to copy this SID (Easily in Powershell is highlight the SID and then click on the top bar and select Edit and then copy.
  7. Now this is where link 1 makes a mistake. For me I started a Command Prompt with administrator and went to the folder where the new copy of the .vhdx was. For example the .vhdx file is called server.vhdx. I then typed this command:
  8. icacls “c:\drive\server.vhdx” /grant “NT VIRTUAL MACHINE\{SID}”:(F) where {SID} is the pasted SID. Don’t include {}
  9. Now go into the new Hyper-V settings and attach the .vhdx. It should then start (first time takes a bit).
  10. Once it is loaded I then went in and changed the network IP to what it was on the original. Check Windows activation. It should be OK. If you have MS Office you might need to reactivate it but should not give you problems. For me I also had to duplicate the MAC address of the network card. Each time you create a new Hyper-V it creates a new MAC address (So they don’t conflict if you were running both Hyper-Vs at once). For me I shutdown the new Hyper-V. Go into the settings and expand the network adapter and select the Advanced features and then change the MAC address as the same as the original. For me the client has special TSPrint and TSScan software that check the drive and network device for activation. Changing the MAC address is easier then deactivating and reactivating the software.

I have done this twice on the same server and it has worked for me each time. If you make a backup copy of the .vhdx drive and have to restore likely you will need to run these same steps to get it working.

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Recover Windows 8 or 10 Key From Bios

From an elevated command prompt, run:

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey


Should return a BIOS CD key (8.x & 10 only).  It will not return which version it is for.

Another option is to download a utility that will do this.

Follow this LINK to download

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