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5 free applications I use all the time

Here are a list of applications that I use for work and home all the time.


LOGMEIN – Remote access program that is extremely easy to install and use. There is a free version (the one I always use) that just gives remote desktop and the paid version that gives you file transfers and remote printing. I use it to control all the servers that I maintain. There is no port forwarding needed and will work through almost any firewall.


FOLDERSHARE – Easy allow my to sync files from multiple PCs. Once configured (again no firewall configuration needed) you simply copy files in your foldershare folder and it will copy to the other PCs on the Internet in the background. Microsoft bought them out a few years ago. The good part is its all free now. The bad thing is they have not updated or improved it since they bought it.


GOOGLE GMAIL – If you have not got a gmail account yet what are you waiting for? Its free, 4+gig space and with the account you can use it with all their other great apps like calendar, notebook (see below). I can sync it with my Blackberry and have it retrieve all my other email accounts so I have 1 place to check and send my email.


GOOGLE NOTEBOOK – Use this to allow me to bookmark sites and info I collect all over the Internet very easily.


FIREFOX – The best browser out there. Tons of add-ons and customization. More secure than IE will ever be (MS ActiveX can let the nasty stuff in), built in Google search, better Tabs than IE. Only problem I find and I hope they improve in version 3 is memory utilization.

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