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I Like Bell

OK so I might be one of the few that admits it but I like Bell. Well I don’t like the money grabbing total monopolizing phone company but so far I like their service. I use 3 things from them. The phone service, the Internet, and their Satellite service. I will start with the phone. We subscribe with almost everything that they provide. Phone, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Answer. Everything works well and works all the time. The only thing I don’t like is the cost. Adding each service costs more and more. Unfortunately there is no competition that will reduce their hold on the service. Next is their Internet. I was probable one of the first people in our town to connect with to their ADSL service. Since I have been connected I have never ( and I mean NEVER) have had an issue. I have always been connected. I think there was once the Internet was down BUT everyone was down also. I still have the original modem provided. They might be a little more than the competitors but since I signup with 3 of their services I get a $10 discount each month so it equals out. Last is the Satellite. I use to subscribe to Starchoice. It came with the house when we got it. Their service was good until we switched to the elliptical dish. Then the signal strength went crappy. They said it was our tree was interfering so I trimmed it back till there was little left and it still had problems. The next thing that made me switch was the PVR. At the time Starchoice promised that it was coming. I waited 2 years of promises and then said Bye Bye. I switched to Bell Express Vu with the dual tuner PVR. I LOVE THIS DEVICE!!! I can record 2 programs at the same time watching 2 recorded program at the same time. Skip commercials, program new shows, time shift, search for shows/movies, etc. I would NEVER want to go back to standard TV without PVR. With 2 kids that all they want to watch is their programs so we can record programs and watch them later. We can watch a 2 hour movie in 1.5 hr to skip the commercials. Its smart enough that if the network decides to change the time of the show an hour later for a special program it will record it properly. The only thing that I don’t like is it only lets us record 100hrs and there is no way to upgrade to a bigger drive. There might be Tivo now in Canada but I don’t think it could be as flexible as Bells PVR and there is no monthly/yearly extra programming cost.

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