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Transfer a YouTube Video to Powerpoint

I have a client that needed this done so I looked around and found 2 great websites. One downloads the video easily and the other easily converts it.

I tested this myself so I know it works.

First you have to download the YouTube Video. First you go to the video in YouTube. If its the correct video then copy the URL from your browser.
(Highlight the web address, ex.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0LtUX_6IXY)

You copy this to the clipboard. Edit Copy or CTRL-C

Now you will have to go to the following website.


Paste the URL (edit paste or CTRL-V) into the Video URL

Then Press the Get Download URL.
Follow the instructions below by right-click the new link and select target as
video.flv or whatever you like as long as it has flv extension.

OK this is 1/2 way through. Now that you downloaded the YouTube video to your PC you now have to convert it. to do this go to the following address:


Here you will select file and then browse to the .flv file you saved earlier. Now below you will select the .wmv output format. Click the I accept the terms checkbox and then OK.
It will then upload the file, and then convert it. Once its done it will then give you a button to download the new .wmv file. Download this file and then insert this file into Powerpoint presentation.

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