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Copy Auto-Complete Address Cache In Outlook

The names in the Auto-Complete list are saved in the nickname cache. The nickname cache is a new feature of Outlook 2003, and the
file name extension is .NK2. Normally, each Outlook profile has a *.nk2 file. The name of the *.nk2 file is the Outlook profile name.

Follow the steps below to replace the *.nk2 file to see if it works.

(You will need to display HIDDEN Folders in order to find the directories)
1. On the old system, find the file Outlook.nk2 (if the original Outlook profile name is “Outlook”).
IN XP Its normally located in:
C:\Documents and Settings\{user}\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.
IN Vista/Windows 7 in:
2. Copy the file to the new system. Don’t start Outlook in the new system.
3. Go to the folder C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook (OR C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook in Vista/Windows 7)
4. Copy/paste the file Outlook.nk2 to the above folder. If there is an existing file named outlook.nk2, replace it.
5. Open Outlook and test the issue. Is the original auto-complete list working?

Also found a neat utility called NK2View (WEBSITE) That allows you to edit the .NK2 file. (Also can backup and restore so if you run it before upgrade and backup and then restore on new Install).

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