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Apple’s Openness

When I saw this first statement from Steve Jobs reasons on why he does not implement Flash on Ipod/Ipad I almost fell off my chair!:


Jobs said that Adobe products are 100 percent proprietary because they are only available from Adobe. “By almost any definition, Flash is a closed system,” he wrote. He acknowledged that Apple also has “many proprietary products, too” but said that Apple believes all Web standards should be open. “Rather than use Flash, Apple has adopted HTML5, CSS and JavaScript – all open standards,” Jobs said. He also touted the openness of WebKit, the open-source HTML5 rendering engine used in Safari.”

“Flash is a closed system” HELLO!!!!!! APPLE”S IPOD/IPAD IS A CLOSED SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!

Steve goes on about other reasons which might be correct but this first statement is really not an issue. Ipod/Ipad can only install apps from Apple’s ITUNES ONLY. The apps have to go through Apple’s testing. Must be developed on only Apple’s platform. And this is OPEN!!!! WTF!!!

I am not a mac fan, I have never used a mac product other than an apple ipod touch (which I like for many reasons) so I am not an expert. (I feel the mac system (even though there are some great features) is LIMITED in creativity/customization/openness compared to Microsoft/Linux)(There are good and bad parts of Apple’s reason for the Ipod/Ipad ways for an appliance). I don’t call it a computer and it will never be. I agree with many saying its not a laptop/netbook replacement but more of a niche that is great for people who are not tech savy and need something to work in front of a TV. When the price is lower and has a few more bells I will probably buy one. I love the factor to surf the net, play movies, music, etc easily while I am watching TV etc. BUT as a tech guy it will never replace a laptop. And more on the point of this blog it is a CLOSED SYSTEM. I like that it is a closed system because of the Windows system results in virus/spyware. The Ipad with its restriction basically prevents much of the problems with Windows. BUT there are some nice features with the Windows model that make it better in a business model. With Windows its a standard with business. There are a lot of free apps. Sure you have to watch for virus/spyware etc but the apps are a standard. The main issue is that Apple is calling Adobe that it does not want to implement Flash is because its a closed system is like telling the car indistry that I don’t like cars because it has wheels. I like my car because it has special wheels.!!

Sure it would be great if MS Windows did not have so many bugs/virus/spyware BUT for all the crap that they have to deal with backward compatible/OPEN system to write apps/built drivers for all the different platforms/peripherals/etc is amazing that they can do this.

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  • Rick

    You got it wrong.

    Jobs said Apple supports open WEB STANDARDS. In this regard Apple is very good in adopting and supporting open standards for the web.

    You then go on to say the iPod & iPad are close systems. So what? They’re not WEB STANDARDS.

    There’s nothing hypocritical about what Jobs said. He said they have many proprietary systems (iPod, iPad, etc) but support open WEB STANDARDS, like HTML5 and as you’ve noted Flash ain’t open.

    BTW Mac OS X is much more open than Windows. In fact much of the OS is built on open source.