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Windows 7 SP1 Review

Well SP1 is out and for most Windows 7 users it will not really do a lot for you. Most of the updates is the normal updates since 7 has been out. One of the fixes that it does actually did worked for me is the HDMI sound issue. My PC attached to my TV through HDMI had issues with sound over HDMI. I basically just attached speakers to the PC and worked fine for me except some movies were very low volume and could not really hear them. Now the HDMI sound is fixed and I can hear those movies fine.

Installation took about 1/2 hr on most of my PC’s. My faster desktop took only 15-20min. Again it had all the standard updates already so it did not need to install that much. Anyone who does a clean install of Windows 7  will take a longer time since it will need to download the whole updates. If you have to do a lot of new installs it would be best to download the big file first from Microsoft and then run it then.

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