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Goodbye SBS

I have been a great fan and provider of MS SBS. From the way back machine of SBS 4 NT to SBS 2011. I started off with Novell 3.X and went to Novell 5.X The problem with Novell was not their servers. They could run forever (till a major problem HD/MB etc) It was their client. At first it was small and the norm. Then MS came along and the client was installed by default and the Novell grew and was really obsolete. MS and Exchange dominated the email client. They still do. Now most of my clients run SBS. Why??? Hello cost!!!! I can install a SBS 2011 1/3 the cost of server 2008R2 and Exchange 2010 with CALS. (Same software for small business but much cheaper!!!!)Now the new Windows Server 2012 is out and they dropped support for SBS!!!. There are a lot of SBS installers/providers that are PISSED!! I don’t blame them being one of them!!!! So either grab up the SBS 2011 server software or switch to full Windows at the cost. MS wants us all to switch to the cloud. Everyone else why not us. The cloud is great to fill the home office to people on the road field BUT what happens if you are small office and the Internet connection goes down!!! Bye Bye email. Bye Bye bandwidth if you have a full staff connecting email all the time. If you can guarantee full connectivity all the time with full sharing connectivity of email/calender etc then its great but when the ISP/Internet goes down, so does your business!!!!


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